Archdiocese of Anchorage
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The Alaska Catholic Youth Conference 2020 - Online Registration Opens April 1
Hosted By: Archdiocese of Anchorage
Location: St. Benedict Parish & Lumen Christi School
8110 Jewel Lake Road
Anchorage, AK 99502
Start Time: 5/26/2020 8:00 AM
End Time: 5/28/2020 8:30 PM
Time Zone: Alaska
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Event Workshops:
1 - 01 - Standing Strong
Presenter: Sr. Kathy Radich, OSF
What do I believe that I am willing to stand up for? A Chance to explore the beliefs and values of our faith.
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1 - 02 - Catholic Stewardship: Gratitude in Action
Presenter: Laurie Evans-Dinneen
All Catholics are called to stewardship, but what does it mean to be a “steward of God’s gifts” while you’re still in high school? Come learn how our gratitude for God’s gifts leads us to be genero...
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1 - 03 - Believing is Serving
Presenter: Jesús J Huerta
It’s time. As millions around the world struggle to find food, clean water, and security, we are called as people of faith to make a difference. We believe a better more just world is possible. And...
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1 - 04 - Beloved Child of the Father
Presenter: Fr. Robert Fath
When Jesus rose out of the water at his baptism, the Holy Spirit descended upon him in the form of a dove and the voice of the Father was heard saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well ple...
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1 - 05 - Trinitarian Faith
Presenter: Fr. Michael Shields
The Church never ceases to proclaim her faith in one only God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So what does this great mystery of faith mean for young people in today’s world? Come and we’ll explore ...
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1 - 06 - God's Radical Love for a Wounded Sinner
Presenter: Renisha Gonzalez
Hear the powerful witness of a post-abortive mother. We’ll focus on sin and Christ’s overwhelming love. An encouragement for young people to accept the invitation of love that Christ offers us each...
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2 - 01 - Who am I?
Presenter: Sr. Kathy Radich
To arise we must be in touch with our inner self and be attuned to what God is inviting us to. Centering prayer and Journaling are two forms of prayer that help us touch into God in our lives. We’l...
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2 - 02 - Leading an XLT: Music and Message with a Purpose
Presenter: Sarah Kroger
Sarah and her band will share how they approach their ministry and little tricks they’ve learned along the way.
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2 - 03 - Encountering Divine Mercy: Understanding God’s Love and Mercy on a Whole New Level
Presenter: Maggie Giroux
In this workshop, we will be diving into learning more closely the Divine Mercy Jesus has to offer and wants us ALL to have and live in! We will largely take a look at three main sources: Holy Scri...
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2 - 04 - A Theology of Creativity: Art as Prayer
Presenter: Anna Schulten
This session focusses on art as a form of prayer: what lessons can God teach us through our creative endeavors? How do we speak to ourselves as artists? We’ll talk about the virtues of kindness, fo...
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2 - 05 - What’s on Jesus’ Playlist?
Presenter: DJ Bill Lage
Music moves us. It motivates, it inspires, and helps to make us feel great! Do you ever wonder if the music you listen to is helping or hurting your walk with God. DJ Bill will explore the things m...
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3 - 01 - Do This in Memory of Me
Presenter: Sr. Kathy Radich
What is this? What are we being invited to each time we attend the Eucharistic Liturgy? Let’s explore together.
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3 - 02 - Liturgy in the Life of the Church
Presenter: Sr. Genevieve Osayame, EHJ
“The liturgy is the summit towards which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time it is the fount from which her power flows. For the aim and object of apostolic works is that all w...
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3 - 03 - Best Confession Ever: Ten Reasons Reconciliation is my Favorite Sacrament
Presenter: Anna Schulten
Does the idea of going to confession make you more than a little uncomfortable? In this workshop, I’ll share the story of my “best confession ever,” and provide some tips and tricks to help you get...
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3 - 04 - Made New in Christ Jesus
Presenter: Deacon Kevin Klump
Feeling lost in the world? In this workshop we will rediscover the glory of our Christian identity, received through the Sacraments of Initiation. Vested in splendor and surrounded by the Saints, y...
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3 - 05 - The Catholic Family and Adventures in Marriage
Presenter: Brian & Tracy Ross
Living as a Catholic couple comes with many challenges with moments of tears and moments of laughter. Come hear some of our stories and what a Catholic home can look like within the Sacrament of Ma...
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4 - 01 - Clones, Chimeras, and Google Babies
Presenter: Bob McMorrow
Interesting topics in bioethics for high school teens.
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4 - 02 - Women of Faith and the College Life – GIRLS ONLY
Presenter: Ciara McMorrow & Julia Beck
A workshop for young women that are discerning further education at college after high school. This workshop will include perspectives of fellow young women who are currently in college. We will ta...
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4 - 03 - Men of Faith and Life After High School – BOYS ONLY
Presenter: Jake Brownlee & Oliver Severance
A workshop for young men that are discerning life after high school. This workshop will include perspectives of young men who are currently in college and other arenas of life. We will talk about m...
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4 - 04 - Christ’s Healing Power and Helping to Prevent Abortion
Presenter: Carol Szopa and Project Rachel Team Members
Project Rachel is a grief healing ministry for those suffering the loss of a child due to abortion. We are a nine week program that helps a person come to know the love and mercy Jesus offers. ...
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4 - 05 - I say to you, you are Peter
Presenter: Deacon Kevin Klump
Our sin has broken us, wounded us. How do I rise once more? In this workshop, the presenters will share their experience of brokenness, healing and the joyful mission of Christ. We will walk throug...
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4 - 06 - Fixing the Catholic Dating Scene
Presenter: Ziven Witczak
The secular dating scene is obviously broken, but unfortunately, the Catholic dating scene isn't much better. The way we date is broken, and needs to be fixed. Too many of us enter into dating rela...
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