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CYC Board 2018-2019
Hosted By: Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Location: Diocese of Helena
Legendary Lodge, Helena, Missoula & Butte, MT 59601
Start Time: 8/24/2018 10:00 PM
End Time: 3/24/2019 6:00 AM
Time Zone: Mountain

Diocesan Youth Ministry has an exciting year ahead. Please read through the CYC Board Handbook (found at and encourage youth in your parish seeking a leadership role in the young Church to mark all the important dates on their calendar right now!

All High School youth are welcome to join in on this incredible direct service ministry for youth from the Diocese of Helena.

CYC Board is not just for Leadership Camp Youth!!! Please extend the invitation to all High School youth willing to make this very serious commitment to taking an active role in youth ministry development throughout the Diocese of Helena.

It is important for youth and parish pastors/administrators to know what kind of commitment this board will be. Not only will we grow in community and personal spirituality, but we will mature in our desire to serve.

This board is designed to listen to the young people of the Church, participate fully in parish and diocesan ministry, and ignite a fire in all of our Catholic faith communities. All youth are welcome, but many struggle making the necessary commitment to their parish liturgy, youth ministry programs and local deaneries.

CYC Board is a year-long diocesan leadership development program. If you are in grade 9-12 and are willing to commit to a powerful year of formation and enrichment register for CYC Board right away!

A board of youth from parishes all over the Diocese of Helena who willing engage in the active planning of and participation in parish and all diocesan youth ministry endeavors. CYCB is for youth looking for a creative outlet in youth ministry. Youth interested in being a part of the CYCB must be aware of its five weekend (including CYC Convention) time commitment and the immense diversity within the community.

All youth participating in their parish youth programs (9th-12th grade) are invited to be a part of the CYC Board for 2018-19. The CYC Board will assist with both parish and diocesan youth ministry events throughout the diocese, including creating prayer experiences for teens, sponsor the annual Kickball Tournament, advise the diocesan Youth and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator, participate at both the annual Son Light Youth Celebration and CYC Fall Conference, and help coordinate the CYC Convention in the spring of 2019. They will meet five times throughout the year (including CYC Convention) in the various deaneries of the Diocese of Helena, whereupon they will receive consistent Catholic discipleship formation and parish leadership development. Are you interested yet?

CYC Board 2018-19 Meeting Dates

#1 Aug. 24-26 Legendary Lodge
#2 Oct. 5-7 Helena
#3 Nov. 30-Dec. 1 Missoula (Fri. night only!)
#4 Feb. 22-24 Butte
#5 March 21 Helena (One night only)

CYC Convention March 22-24


-CYC Board Youth - High school youth in grades 9-12
-CYCB Adult (Youth Minister) - Adults who are employed by a parish/the diocese
-CYC Board Volunteer (18+) - Adults who have graduated high school and are not an employee of a parish/the diocese
-Priest/Religious/Exception - Anyone not fitting one of the other categories.


Youth, with your registration, you must also submit a brief (300-500 word) essay. You should give this to your youth minister with your registration information. Youth ministers can submit the essay electronically at If you have any questions or problems, please contact at

The essay must address the following:

Why do you want to join CYC Board, how do you hope to give back to your local community as a leader, and what ways do you hope to grow spiritually through this experience?”

Event Deadlines / Fees:
Late registrations must go through Kevin Molm. Email or call 406-442-5820.
Registrant Type Deadline Name Deadline Date Fee
CYC Board Youth Youth (Early Registration) 8/13/2018 $300.00
CYCB Adult (Youth Minister) Employee of parish/diocese 8/13/2018 $200.00
CYC Board Volunteer (18+) Adult Volunteer 8/20/2018 $125.00
CYC Board Youth Youth (Extended Deadline) 8/20/2018 $300.00
CYCB Adult (Youth Minister) Employee of parish/diocese 8/20/2018 $200.00
CYC Board Youth Youth (Late Registration) 10/5/2018 $350.00
CYCB Adult (Youth Minister) Employee (Late Registration) 10/5/2018 $250.00
Priest/Religious/Exceptions Other 2/22/2019 $0.00
CYC Board Volunteer (18+) Adult Volunteer 3/22/2019 $125.00
We are sorry. Online registration for CYC Board 2018-19 has closed. If you are still interested in participating contact Kevin Molm immediately (
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